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Viaj is a travel app, which would Redefine Travel in India & Globally.

About Us

The VIAJ, is a Global and Social connect Travel app, which helps in identifying like-minded passionate traveler to explore the world together based on common likes & interest. It is best suited for a Solo Traveler, Networking Individuals, Group Travelers, Travel Enthusiast, Friends & Families & also finding New Acquaintances to travel. The Viaj, makes your travel interesting, fascinating, to unwind from your busy schedule, making the world digital village to expand your horizon, you may definitely find your best buddy across the globe. The app is an experience for explorers, adventurers, hitch hikers, nomads and travel dreamers. The VIAJ help’s connecting the passion & the soul.

VIAJ, the travel app is your travel companion on the go- like our slogan- “Let’s Connect- Let’s go!” The travel app would redefine the Travel Space. The VIAJ Inspires passion to travel, one stop solutions for backpackers and globe trotters – “A true travel companion”.

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The Viaj basic features are:

  • Share your Interests/ activities as part of your profiling to connect to like-minded travelers
  • Discover other VIAJAPP users in any location to connect with them.
  • Choose or add a friend by invites or through requests with VIAJ subscribers.
  • Allows you to create your personal groups, invite friends to the group, and plan your trips in the group
  • Communicate privately or message within the group with a sole objective of staying connected with passionate travelers, to plan a travel together- “Let’s Connect- Let’s Go!”
  • Manage your contacts, as you have option to add or delete a friend from individual contacts if you are not a like-minded or for privacy reasons- If so, as a Passionate Traveler, you are in pursuit of finding a wayfarer- “Find a travel partner”.

Pre-Defined Groups: “Birds of feather flock together”

The Pre-Defined groups help in adding your-self to any group of your interest and are part of larger events organized by like-minded travelers or event managers. Experience the adventures together within your city or in the preferred destinations.

Create Trips & Search Trips: “Explore & Stay Connected”

The passionate travelers can create their trips, calendar, invite or check other’s travel plans to their destinations while planning their travel and also search their friends trips through trip searches.

Blogs: “Fellowship & Travel Guide”

The passionate traveler can write blogs, upload photos and recommend places, trips, restaurants, hotels, food, culture, modes of travel, activities of Interest etc based on their individual experiences to create a fellowship and have followers creating a “Live travel community”. Your friends who are following you would know where you are to connect by checking the (GPS) map –You may also check your friend’s blogs and appreciate, seek places of interest, guidance, their experience through the app as an “Inquiring Minds”.

Find users in a location: “A Social Bird”

Reached a destination without plans, no worries! Open the app and see other fellow app users. You can contact them & connect with them if they are willing to help and you may also do the same who seek help. An opportunity to know and break ice for bigger travel plans later.

Finding an Affiliate Partner services for your travel

VIAJ is in discussion with best Affiliate Partners so that you get their services and discounts in travel space in India and later in Asia/Globally. The VIAJ will have Banking partners to facilitate your travel plans effectively.

Presently the VIAJAPP is a free to use app. We are in the process to upgrade the VIAJAPP as a world class travel app to make your travels perfect and to make VIAJAPP as your constant companion- VIAJ is an Experience!

A Soaring Eagle

"A Soaring Eagle is a symbol of pure Spirit, defines Freedom, Power, Hope, Strength, Courage, Desire, Dreams, Re-define Life, No Fear of Adversity, Focused on Goals, Empowers the spirit of a Solo Explorer — The Beauty & Grace of a Soaring Eagle personifies Attitude, a Positive Attitude to rule the Sky & Life".

The VIAJ app will make you a Soaring Eagle and a passionate traveler. A Solo Traveler, a Dreamer or in pursuit of a Discovery with friends and new acquaintances then you are a Soaring Eagle – "Explore VIAJ & Stay Connected!"

Our team

We are amazing and we know it

Chief Ideator & Founding Director
Krishna Parthasarathy is the Chief Ideator and a Founding Director at Viaj the voyage app which would re-define the travel space. He is also the Founder & CEO of Talenture Read More
Chandra Mohan
Technical Advisor & a Director
Chandra Mohan is the Technology Advisor and a Director at Viaj. He is also the co-founder of Meggnotec Technologies Private Limited, an application development company specializing in E-commerce. A Postgraduate Read More

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