Wonders of Egypt

Egypt is one among the 10 Ancient Civilizations likes of Indus, Mesopotamia,  Egypt, Mayan, Chinese, Greek,  Persian, Roman, Aztec and Incan’s. Visit to Egypt is recommended for those who are interested in Civilization and History. This Ancient Egypt Civilization was in existence between 3150 BC -30 BC, near Nile River and Sahara Dessert and It’s […]

Vietnam – War-torn Country to Resurrection

Vietnam tourism has picked up after the foreign tourists were able to travel freely after 1997. The main parties to Vietnam War were North Vietnam supported by Communist countries like Russia and South Vietnam, supported by America, Australia, Philippines and the allies countries.. It is also known as the American War or the Second Indochina […]

India to Cambodia (Siem Reap) Connection!

India to Cambodia connection goes back to several hundred years of shared history between the two great nations. Cambodia is an Asian country, lying to the south of Thailand with its ancient capital city, Angkor Thom located at its heart. Oriental culture is the common feature that connects India to Cambodia. Just as India was […]

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